The Heirs of the Dragon are gathering...


The world of Westeros is full of adventures and unexpected turns of events. One never knows if one is going to a wedding, or walking into a slaughter. Better make sure you are prepared for every occasion!

Are you attending Heirs of the Dragon in January next year? Then you've been sent a unique discount code for LarpSpot to help you get your gear together.

Rawblade, a sharp edge from Spain

We are thrilled to welcome Rawblade to LarpSpot!
Rawblade aims to bring the expertise of Spanish craftsmanship to the market, particularly in furs, leather, and steel. The dedicated team behind Rawblade creates designs that reflect their lifelong fascination with medieval fantasy. Rawblade ensures the quality of their leather goods with the seal of Spanish craftsmanship at a competitive price. Their products range from costume pieces and accessories, to armour and even dice bags.

Calimacil, a legend from the frozen plains of Canada

LarpSpot is delighted to announce the upcoming addition of Calimacil to our catalog!
Crafted by a dedicated group of enthusiasts who share a love for larping, martial arts, and gaming, Calimacil products have achieved an impressive level of durability, flexibility, and safety thanks to thorough research and testing. The meticulously designed weapons, constructed from high-quality, impact-absorbing Calimacil foam are not only safe, but also beautiful.

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